Correction of Inverted Nipples

Inverted Nipple Correction Toronto

Aesthetic breast surgery is a sub-specialization of Dr. Wanzel's. He completed additional training after his seven year residency in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

Inverted nipples, which point inward rather than out from the breasts, can be a source of self-consciousness as well as concern about the ability to breastfeed. However, this condition may be corrected through a nipple eversion procedure. This surgery involves releasing or stretching internal connective tissue that has been pulling the nipple inward.

Inverted Nipple correction Procedure

This procedure is typically performed with the use of a local anesthetic. An 2mm stab incision is made just below the nipple in the areola to access the connective fibers. These fibres are stretched and often cut to let the nipple "come out". The nipple is then secured in an outward position with the use of a bolster type dressing which is sutured in place for 2 weeks.

recovery from nipple corrections

This is happily usually a very easy surgery to recover from. You can shower in 2 days. Although there are small bits of gauze sutured to the nipples to hold them out, this dressing can get wet. After a few days, you can resume all normal activities.

risks of nipple corrections

Luckily, the small 2 mm incision heals in such a way that it is imperceptible. There is unfortunately the potential for the everted nipple to sink back down and become either flat or inverted again. Thankfully this is rare. Some asymmetries can occur, especially if it is only one side that we are correcting. Problems such as loss of sensation are exceedingly rare. The inability to lactate or breast feed is definitely possible (but most women with uncorrected inverted nipples will also have trouble breast feeding due to the current nipple position).

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