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Labia Reduction (Labiaplasty) Toronto

Labiaplasty | Labia Reduction | TorontoExcessive or uneven development of a woman’s labia minora (the “inner lips” of the female genitalia) can be a great source of embarrassment, functional hygiene problems and even discomfort in some women.

Enlarged or hypertrophic labia can result in local irritation, problems of personal hygiene during menses or after bowel movements, interference with sexual intercourse, and discomfort during cycling, walking, or sitting.  In addition, excessively large labia minora or an uneven development between the two sides can cause significant embarrassment.

As our plastic surgical techniques to correct these problems have improved over time, aesthetic surgery of the female genitalia has become an increasingly common procedure performed by plastic surgeons.

Labium minora reduction (or “labiaplasty”) has been most commonly performed by simple and straight amputation of the protuberant segment and oversewing the edge.  This technique may still benefit some patients, especially those with very large labia or those with a pronounced asymmetry between the two sides.  Downsides of this technique revolve around the long vertical suture line that can, in some patients, be associated with local irritation and even discomfort while walking or during intercourse.  Moreover, because the inner mucosa of the vagina is very different in colour, texture and lubrication when compared to the outer skin of the labia, this technique can remove the natural contour of the labia minora and replace it with a straight suture line which can occasionally result in an obviously operated look.

Recently, to prevent these potential unfavourable outcomes, increased attention has been focused on the cosmetic results and surgical techniques for labia minora reduction.  For small or moderate labia reductions, I have been using a more modern technique, which involves removing a central wedge of protuberant tissue (like a “piece of pie”).  This results in a barely visible and short horizontal scar and does not interfere with the delicate transition between inner labial mucosa and outer labial skin.

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis (i.e., day surgery) and is most commonly performed under a local anaesthetic (although the option for a general anaesthetic is available). It commonly takes less than an hour and the recovery from this surgery to regular activities is within a few days (but one must refrain from heavy physical activity and sexual intercourse for at least six weeks).

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